Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Direct and indirect data transfer through VISABLE LIGHT!

Tokyo-based start-up Outstanding Technology is currently working on a system that uses visible LED light for the transmission of data audio signals.

LED lighting may replace both incandescent and fluorescent lighting one day, the company expects “lighting infrastructure to become communication infrastructure” in the near future.

This technology works by connecting a light transmitter to a data source (Eg, a netbook connected to the internet) and the light is then transmitted to another reciever which is decoded to an output device.

What is truly interesting with this technology is the speeds and distances that this transmission can react. The company say, they have successfully transmitted an audio signal 13km with speeds of up to 160Mps.

Another selling point of the system is that it works with indirect, reflected or scattered light (picked up from a wall, for example) as well.

The company is currently working on commerical application development, as well further potential uses (even underwater data transmission!).

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