Sunday, 6 June 2010

Google Wave

Ok, so what is Google Wave?
Have you even heard of google wave?

Will 'the wave' even take off, do I need to know about it?

So many startup's, new business technologies, software companies go the way of the drain very quickly, and even if the launching company is a big fish, its by no means guaranteed, Google Checkout for example, although it worked didnt ever capture the market share!

This however is set to make huge Waves! (excuse the pun)

“Its what email would be if invented today” - quote from the industry

This new communication tech is going to be massive! Make no mistake about it, we will be selling this as a service to our clients over the next few years, we will be talking to each other, to our clients and sharing files, videos, music and even old conversations in it!

Its difficult to explain what ‘wave’ is really, its a little bit o all the communication networks you currently use today (instant messenger, email, social networking, blogging, online docs, tweeting and picture sharing) all rolled into one central location.

But anyway, rather than me trying to explain what it is, if you have never heard about, or seen anything about google wave, watch this:

For those who want a bit more detail, take a look at their launch patter back in May09 at their Google Keynote. Be prepared though its an hour and a half long!!!
But it is worth it, a full view of the possibilities and capabilities of Wave.

Ok, an update here. The definitive book of uses and using and developing for google wave..

sweet stuff!

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