Wednesday, 2 June 2010

UV Unwrap plugins

Gonna be testing out 3rd party Unwrap plugins and apps - directly for 3D studio Max 2010 (64Bit).
Will post feedback shortly.  Anyone with any other products worth testing, please comment below. 
3D Coat

"Voxel sculpting allows you sculpt without any topological constraints and make complex details from nothing! You can change topology as you wish. This approach gives you an absolute feeling of freedom in sculpting. It is not based on surface deformation but on volume building and filling. Feel like a true artist here, don't think about polygons and structure, just express yourself as an artist!

Per pixel painting – fast and precise painting approach. Allows layered color and displacement painting over low-poly and high poly-meshes without initial geometry distortion. With this method you can paint directly on your mesh to a texture map, this is ideal for low-poly game assets. You can import a normalmap to use as a guide.

Improved retopology tools. New cap tool allows you to fill holes and finish retopologization of tails or ends of fingers with just one click!

Improved interface. We present new professional customizable interface. Layout is broken on several separate rooms. Each room has own hotkeys set and dockable panels. You can easily store your interface layouts.

Improved UV-mapping tools. You can move/rotate/scale individual uv-islands, automatically or manually pack them.

Possibility to render your scene with antialiasing, depth of field, ambient occlusion and soft shadows.

Customizable scene background – you can use gradient, picture, panorama as a background. Reference image can be attached to any axis."


"Unwrella is an exact unwrapping plug-in for Autodesk 3DSMAX and Autodesk Maya. It is a single click solution which allows you to automatically unfold your 3D models with exact pixel to model surface aspect ratio, speeding up texture baking UV map production significantly.

  • Automatic one-click solution – Just apply the Unwrella modifier
  • Precise – Preserves user created UV Seams
  • Smart – Reduces texture mapping seams almost completely and minimizes surface stretching
  • Efficient – Chunks are kept large and are arranged on the UV surface with maximal use of available space
  • User-friendly – User defined pixel based padding between UV chunks
  • Excellent for all kinds of models (organic, human, industrial)"
XRayUnwrap 1.5
"Raylight proudly presents the new Beta release of Xrayunwrap 1.5 rc1

XRayUnwrap 1.5 is currently under development and we need your help to improve it.

We introduced a lots of new features as follows:
−Redesigned interface: full integrated inside uvwunrap modifier of 3dsmax
−Xunwrap at incredible speed
−Amazing Live Unwrap: select your edges and see the result realtime
−Works on any primitive. No more editable poly restriction
−Packing functionality added
−Seams can be edited inside uvwunwap modifier
−Subobject unwrapping
−Map seam flags are preserved within instanced unwrap
−Instanced unwrap over multiple objects
−Back compatibility with v1.0. Old seam flags are converted into unwrap seams"

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