Thursday, 29 July 2010

15 Great "making of" interiors and exteriors

1. Making of Dungeon - Arist tried to explain the creating process of the image, software used max, vray, photoshop, fusion" . Read More


2. Making of Classica Living Room - Creating a photo realistic interior is always a challenge for an artist but Roger succeeded in that. Read More

classic room

3. Making of Le Patisserie - The inspiration for this Project was a small French restaurant, which I came across while searching the internet. Read More

chinese girl

4. Making of Cultural Heritage of Ancient India - You all know India is very beautiful and artist tried to show that beautiful ancient india. Read More


5. Making of Total Kitchen- In this small making of total kitchen artist will show you texture and lighting settings for realistic output Read More


6. Making of Schwerin Theater - Have a look how I reconstruct the famous schwerin theater of Germany Read More


7. Making of Chaleur et Paix -   This is a french word which means Warmth and Peace Read More


8. Making of Rage over Babylon - This tutorial will covers the major points of producing this image Read More


9. Making of Italian Creek- Want to show you my techniques and procedure used in the creation of Italian Creek Read More

italian creek

10. Making of the Tower - This artwork was inspired by the work of Lee Dunnette Aia and i called this Tower Read More


11. Making of Abondoned Building - The idea was a vision from artist mind for abandoned building Read More


12. Making of Old House - Medieval ages and the way of life during the middle-ages have always been an inspiring theme for artist, so he decide to recreate that atmosphere and feeling. Read More

old house

13. Making of Neoclassic Livingroom - In this tutorial we will investigate the render and lighting adjustment for neo-classical room design. Read More


14. Making of Nightfall - This project is based on the work of Spanish architect D. JoaquĆ­n Torres A Study of Architecture-zero Read More


15. Making of Casa Ibicenca - House in Ibiza with a lounge at different heights and opened to the garden with a spectacular swimming pool . Read More


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