Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Z Brush 4.0 - coming very soon

 AUG 9th 2010 - put it in your calendar!

"Dear ZBrush Artists, 

As you may already know ZBrush 4.0 Win and ZBrush 4.0 Mac will both be officially released for download on 8/9/10! (9th August 2010)

We sincerely trust that this exciting version of ZBrush will become a major part of your day to day artistic work-flow, opening you to an ever expanding world of creativity.
ZBrush was first released 10 years ago as a tool by artists for artists and we have certainly come a long way since then!
Our vision has always been to develop new and innovative features that push the boundaries of what has been previously possible in digital art, so we are thrilled to offer this new breakthrough 10th anniversary ZBrush 4.0 Win or Mac version for pre-order right now! (see the details below) 
Here is a sample of beta tester images created with ZBrush 4 beta!(When Z4 is released, beta testers will have their own threads here at ZBrushCentral so that you may communicate with them and learn from their Z4 experiences!)"

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