Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Creating easy and quick displacement roof geometry (even Vray)

This is a quick and affective script for creating displacement geometry mapping quickly and easily (rather than individually generating and managing UV mapping coordinates).

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Displacement Roof Surfaces is a Free MaxScript that will take your existing roof geometry and properly apply UV Mapping coordinates to each roof plane and then apply convincing materials and displacement modifiers to the geometry.
Our goal is to eliminate the need for filling your 3d scenes with millions of polygons of roof tile geometry, thus keeping your viewports moving quickly and saving you hours of tedious work.
Simply choose your existing roof geometry, select the edges that represent ridges, hips, and gables, and click "Create!". After the script runs, you can quickly adjust the color, variation, and tile size in the viewport and in real time.
In future releases we will add additional roof tile profiles, asphalt shingles, metal seamed roofs, and corrugated metal. If you have a specific type of roof surface you'd like us add, please contact us via email.

The developers

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