Thursday, 19 August 2010

Google's biggest FLOPS - visualised!

Here's a cute (if a little basic) infographic of the rise and fall of some of Google's smaller projects!

Image by: Wordstream

I had championed "Google Wave" when it first came out, and have been an avid user for as long as it has been about. I am currently facing the uneasy task of exporting all my waves into a more stable format
(like an email!!). 

This graphic, comes on the eve of the Launch of Foursquare (er....sorry..I mean Facebook location) a new service designed to allow users to tag their current locations throughout the day. 

A stroll through the Google graveyard is a lesson in how rarely it works out when successful companies stop focusing on their core competency to go after the little guys.

Summed up perfectly by Techcrunch
"Between Wave, Jaiku, and Foursquare precursor Dodgeball, Google’s a repeat offender in the “failing to kill the next big thing” department."

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