Monday, 9 August 2010

Phoenix Fluid Dynamics

The new grid based simulator for fire, smoke and haze

Phoenix Fluid Dynamics

Phoenix Fluid Dynamics is the latest product released by Chaos Software. The software perfectly combines a grid based simulator with outstanding rendering capabilities. In addition to the usual uniform fluid behavior, Phoenix FD is capable of simulating a whole array of additional processes like pressure decay, thermal radiation cooling and mass-temperature dependence.

Overview by Torgeir Holm

A Phoenix Fluid Dynamics product overview is made by Torgeir Holm, Creative Director 3D and VFX + Partner/Owner at Netron 2.0 AS and Editor at He explains some of the features in the product package scheduled for official release on August 9, 2010 at>>

Fluids are substances that continually deform, such as liquids, gases, plasma etc. Phoenix FD lets you simulate these fluids in 3ds Max. The simulation is stored in a finely subdivided 3D box, or grid, where each cell contains the fluid's properties at that location. These properties include temperature, mass and velocity. During the simulation Phoenix will transfer cell contents from cell to cell according to velocity over time, and also change the properties in the cells according to physical rules. The resulting simulation is then used for rendering.

Will pop this into our pipeline and give it a test.

Some quick videos here: 

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