Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Autodesk AutoCAD for Mac OSX in October 2010


Was a little shocked when i heard this, finally Autodesk has released something for a Mac! Dont get me wrong I will still use a PC, but its interesting that they have finally decided to cater for the Mac OS community. I have seen Mac's being used as dual-boot render slaves for many years, but not as software specific construction engines, should be interesting! - will Autodesk continue down this path?

Could i be using May or Max on a Mac in 2 years time?? We shall see....

The announcement also included a free mobile version of AutoCAD for mobile devices, specifically for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, which could be interesting - I have discussed Ipad versions of modeling and engineering software before (idough) but these have always been small, limited function, third party pieces of kit, designed around a "fun" audience rather than the engineering market.

You can pre-order a AutoCAD for Mac now

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