Monday, 11 October 2010

Autodesk AutoCAD for the Iphone

I spoke a while back about Autodesk bringing AutoCAD, their biggest selling engineering tool to the Mac after 20 years of PC ownership!

It now seems that Autodesk and pushing this one step further with the release of the AutoCAD app!

AutoCAD WS is the new mobile application recently launched by Autodesk that makes viewing, editing and sharing DWG files possible on three types of very popular devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This means you can take your ideas and projects anywhere with you and edit them once the ideas strikes. T

his is a highly innovative application which will allow many designers and architects to make use of the comfort of mobility. This way the laptop will no longer be a necessity, as one can easily present a project one on one by using the iPhone. The new application is easy to use and will soon be available for free. We are looking forward to see what all of you architects out there think of AutoCAD WS.

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