Friday, 15 October 2010

Fume FX 2.1 released today!

What's New in 2.1

- FumeFX now supports fully interactive simulations. This means that user can change almost every parameter during the simulation and see it's influence on the simulation result. It is even possible to change channels that will be saved to the output file, or to move objects and change their parameters.

- Version 2.1 introduces Variable Density solver that uses smoke density and temperature as variables. The result of this addition is increased physical realism, where cold air and dense smoke will have stronger inertia compared to the hot air and lower density smoke.

- New is also the CFL condition parameter that directly controls the number of simulation steps. This is the value that defines the maximum distance allowed for any cell data (velocity, smoke, fire, etc..) to travel in one simulation step. If velocities are bigger then defined by this condition, simulation sub steps will be initiated.

- New Advanced advection scheme that reduces dissipation.

- Default simulation uses all cores during the Wavelet Turbulence calculations, which results in significant speedup.

- finalRender 3.5 Global Iiiumination is now up to 6x faster !

- Preview Window now prints out 3ds max frame number.

- Added ability to stop/continue Retimer.

- Various bug fixes from eariler versions.
New in 2.0

Wavelet Turbulence mode: Allows users to add extra detail to low resolution simulations.

Post processing: Gives users the ability to tighten (shrink) the FumeFX grid as much as possible around smoke and fire to limit memory consumption.

Retiming: Lets users slow down and speed up their simulation caches.

Fuel-specific weight parameter: This parameter allows you to increase weight of the fuel causing it to be directly affected by the gravity.

Temperature can now control where fire creates smoke. When temperature is above a set threshold, smoke will be added to the grid.

New FumeFX_Burn WSM: Allows you to affect your mesh's vertex color based on FumeFX values.

Turbulence and Forces are now visible inside the viewport even if grid is not simulated.

New Void Source: This helper will erase all the fields inside or outside of it (depending on the settings).

The FumeFX Object Source helper now can handle multiple objects

The FumeFX Particle Source helper now uses AfterBurn style controls.

New FumeFX Source: You can now use one FumeFX source as the source for another FumeFX simulation.

Auto Synchronize Paths option now added to Global FumeFX Preferences so that when you change the Delault Output path, any Wavelet Turbulence, Retiming and Preview Window paths will be changed automatically as well.

In the Preferences dialog, you can change Presets folder.

The FumeFX Preview Window will now update if you rotate the active viewport.

You can now change the Preview path from within the FumeFX UI

You now have the option to choose the codec for the FumeFX Preview Window. Note: some codecs will not be suitable and will generate an error. (e.g. - DivX requires that you increase default width of PW)

The Velocity channel added to the list of FusionWorks Render Elements.

Additional MAXScript commands have been added for superior scripted controls of the entire FumeFX 2.0 process.

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