Monday, 1 November 2010

Axsotic - 3d Sphere interface

I would love to believe in this product, I have a lot of time for these innovations in computer interface, especially when that directly effects (benefits) me!!

I have bought these aids before, I had one of the first Wacom's (maybe not that old but still!) and I loved my 3d connexion Spacepilot PRO

These devices, although competent and effective, really offered me no real workflow advantages, I would have to completely redesign the way I have been working for 10 years in order to really benefit from the device.

Having said this, I have worked with some extremely talented illustrators who have sworn by their tablets as input devices. So, I ask myself, when an illustrator uses a tablet (wacom) they are not reinventing the way they use the digital media, they are, in effect reverting to the learning stages of using the media. When a child learns to draw, they use a crayon and paper, so why when I scuplt or model in 3d, do I think that it will speed me up any by using a rotating ball instead of a mouse, as these devices are still as foreign to me as the ever were, it is simply a new input peripheral. I want to be able to grab the model, rotate and work on a tiny element then flip it and work on the other side quickly and effectively. I think this will be a long way off, we are looking at holo tech and input response devices.

It still wont stop me buying one though, I am a sucker for these things! Although on a practical note, the Axsotic sphere may suffer from the lack of quick shortcut buttons the SpacepilotPro had available.

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