Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Unreal Development Kit Video tutorials

Tutorials are by www.showmethatagain.com

these look great!

http://www.showmethatagain.com/videos/UDK/intro/ : intro, setting up a new project (40 mins, 111MB)
http://www.showmethatagain.com/videos/UDK/terrain01/ : large terrains in UDK from sat maps (30 mins, 84MB)

http://www.showmethatagain.com/videos/UDK/terrain02/ : manual terrain editing (20 mins, 60MB)
http://www.showmethatagain.com/videos/UDK/terrain03/ : creating terrain textures (30 mins, 66MB)
http://www.showmethatagain.com/videos/UDK/terrain04/ : basic material creation and control (28 mins, 63MB)
http://www.showmethatagain.com/videos/UDK/terrain05/ : blending between materials (14 mins, 32MB)
http://www.showmethatagain.com/videos/UDK/terrain06/ : blending based on distance (20 mins, 45MB)
http://www.showmethatagain.com/videos/UDK/terrain07/ : blending based on slope (14 mins, 32MB)
http://www.showmethatagain.com/videos/UDK/terrain08/ : normal and detail maps (25 mins, 77MB)
http://www.showmethatagain.com/videos/UDK/terrain09/ : vegetation - objects & shadows (26 mins, 90 MB)
http://www.showmethatagain.com/videos/UDK/terrain10/ : vegetation - foliage based grass (40 mins, 123MB)

Also try  Hourences which is an extremely detailed collection of UDk tutorials - including basic start to finishes!


try this one:


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