Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Top 20 Car modelling tutorials

posted by cgarena

1. Making of Hummer - Artist especially interested in modeling the Hummer H1 design because it is much more sturdy and heavy in comparison to typical sports cars. Read More


2. Making of Alfa Romeo Competizione C8 Spyder Studio - Artist attracted to this beauty and decide to create in 3d to improve my techniques of modeling and rendering. Read More

spyder car

3. Making of Astin Martin V8 Vantage - In this making artist will focus more on the lighting and rendering of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Read More

aston martin

4. Making of Formula 1 - Color scheme of formula 1 generic car is a tribute to my soccer team Flamengo who is the winner of the Brazilian soccer championship of 2009. Read More

formula 1

5. Making of Batmobile - Artist sharing the process of modeling the vehicle called Batmobile in 3ds Max. Read More

6. Making of Audi R8 in Desert - Details on how artist model the Audir8 and how he setup the scene for realistic output. Read More

audi r8

7. Modeling and Rendering of a Mercedes S600 - This is not a step by step tutorial about polygon car modeling, its more of an overview of the process. Read More


8. Car Paint Shader Setup - Learn how to create professional Carpaint shader inside xsi. Read More

car paint

9. Procedural Carpaint - Its a small people tutorial on procedural carpaint tutorial using 3ds max and after effects. Give the idea what can be done in post production. Read More

procedural car paint

10. Making of Ford GT 40 in Vegas - Artist will cover several aspects of hard surface polygonal modeling, lighting, texturing and rendering in Maya and Mental Ray. Read More

ford gt40

11. Making of Ferrari F2 500 - What you love and if you create that digitally then nothing can be more satisfactory for an artist. Read More

ferrari f2

12. Making of Lexus on the Road - In this making artist will explain the camera match, adding car in the scene and use HDRI for lighting. Read More


13. Making of Mercedes Benz CLS550 on Road - Artist going to share the secrets of how he modeled and rendered the Mercedes-Benz CLS 550 in Maya. Read More


14. Making of "The Legends" Jeep Willys MB - Artist want to share with you the making of Jeep Willys MB in XSI. Read More

jeep willys

15. Modeling Chevrolet Camaro Concept in Rhino - This video tutorial is created by artist Vladimir from Ukraine in Rhino software but techniques applied to all 3d softwares. Read More

chevrolet camaro

16. Modeling the Mercedes Benz 540k 1.936 - In this tutorial artist will explain the steps taken in modeling the mercedes benz. Read More


17. Project Overview: X-Ray Car - Artist will give the short overview of the image making process in 3ds max, which you can also follow. Read More

xray car

18. How to Build a Next Gen Game Car - This tutorial is intended to present a method of creating a next gen vehicle asset in Maya. Read More

game car

19. Car Paint Material - Learn how to create a car paint material in 3ds max which can be applied on mobile phones, mp3 players, bikes too. Read More

car paint

20. Z4 Unleashed - Steps included in the modeling of car, did this tutorial which rapidly explain how I format the car, textures, materials and the rendering lastly. Read More

z4 unleashed

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