Friday, 17 June 2011

PFU launches a new keyboard for rich receptionists and cocky hackers

So this new Type-S Happy Hacking keyboard (apparently a good one) from PFU has been design to be quieter, quicker and generally more reactive to all those super fast typists out there.

Oh and if you think your day is just not hard enough then you can get this keyboard with no keys on it! thats right, no! I have not been at the photoshop again - this keyboard, targeted specifically at professional typists and hacker geeks has no numerical digits on it at all.

Oh one last thing..........

its £230 - fantastic

UPDATE - on second thoughts, I could actually see myself going for something like this, no doubt I can feel myself slipping into one of the previously metioned sterotypes! If, it wasnt for that rediculous branding on teh bottom right.

It looks like a cross between a 1980's TIme Computers peripheral and a Vetech "my first PC"

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