Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Dark of the Moon - Transformers 'making of'

Well, let it be said, although the VFX and CGI detail in this third installment to the Transformers series will guarantee my unequivocated attention throughout the 2 hours of 'manic metal smashing mahem', I am under no illusions as to the quality of what I am about to see and feel, from a storied point of view.

This is the third time, alien robots have attacked earth and subsequently the third time we will look to Optimus Prime to save us from certain death, although not without destroying a good proportion of a famous US city skyline in the process. I love CGI, and I love the quality and detail, I well know that has been expressed in this project. There are probably hundreds of little discoveries and time saving or production saving techniques, of a technological nature in this project that will one day become useful to me in some script or another, or included as a time saving new release to a piece of software in the coming months, as we well know, that "necessity is the mother of all innovation" - Albert Einstein.


And this is still a but, why should such obvious brilliance and innovation be coupled (and for ever remembered) with this tired and repetitive premise. This project was not 'born of a story', but the conclusion to an Excel spreadsheet equation from the profit and loss calculations of a Hollywood production company.

I must end this by saying - this is a rant! I am under no illusions as to how the world works, I am thankful for the innovations and the quality these artists have been able to produce, I must also thank the people who will actually go and see this film in one form or another, as this is quite literally driving the wheels of the sequel train! I guess, I just wish the processes were not so mutually dependent.

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