Monday, 18 July 2011

Floating Water Lily Solar collectors - by the Why Factory

Headed by architect Winy Maas, research group The Why Factory challenges us to think big in regards to going green and conserving our natural resources. Making bold and slightly fantastical designs, the group’s plan for the Thai city of Phuket are both beautiful and self-sustaining. Part of an exhibition at Berlin’s Aedes am Pfefferberg, Why Factory’s submission is a series of water-lily like artificial islands that soak up the sun and convert it to energy.

I know this is 'pie in the sky' 50 year solution to an up-and-coming real energy problem, but i think these are worth mentioning, Photo-voltaic energy is a great "possible" solution to harnessing the clean renewable energy, however of course we do not have anything near the quality of technology and efficiency to collect this 'free' energy at this present time. This is not to say we wont get there though. Its nice to see a good marriage between design and engineering in these panels.

I would have to ask though:

  • What would the efficiency be on these, based on energy in to energy out?

  • How do they intend to get the electricity back to the grid?

  • Are there environmental considerations at work here, what happens when there are tropical storms or rough seas, do the units secure themselves somehow?

  • These thoughts have probably not been overlooked, just not documented in this review!

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