Wednesday, 6 July 2011

kickstarter project - PLUG

So this is a short film project asking for funding on Kickstarter.

Not sure about this, but I do like the project and the idea, I'm guess I would just never fund a random short film on kickstarter, I think "shorts" are a great way of getting your work out there, allowing people to see what you both can do and enjoy doing, but as much as a short is a culmination of creative, and technical achievement, it is also a testament to your commitment and sacrifice - creating these pieces without any financial support or time off work, you believed in this project sooo much you worked night after night slowly pushing it through.

To be honest I'm not sure this is even relevent to this project, it is just some thoughts on the whole "short story" genre in Kickstarter, I believe in Kickstarter and love backing design and product based projects, as its like the project leader is selling me an idea "off-plan" and I am helping him get the funding required to make his business come alive, but I'm also getting one of the first versions of his product. A "short" film is an expression of creativity a standalone project with no real commercial value, as good as your short is, it will "probably" not lead to a career in films or a prestigious position in a famous film studio.

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