Tuesday, 5 July 2011

UppSite - The "Push notification" for blogs

I can certainly see the advantage of "Uppsite", the push notification centre for all web based blog and forum owners.
It can be extremely difficult to get users to repeatedly come back to your site to view your "latest and greatest content" and with the increased proliferation of mobile browsing as a main source of online consumption for some people, I think this idea will help bridge the gap between, app development for multiple mobile platforms and HTML 5, mobile friendly integration (app.ft.com) as well as servicing your online media.

This service is completely editable (notification visuals and intrusion level) and looks to be being developed to sit in all native mobile platforms.

Uppsite will be adding the service as an ad support revenue model with a premium (ads free) model coming shortly. This could prove extremely useful when dealing with external clients requesting, deep mobile integration on a tiny budget, with minimal subsequent support required.

Features list (according to Uppsite)

  1. Instant Smartphone Compatibility
    UppSite automatically and instantly adjusts your website to fit the 3.5 inch screen of a Smartphone device.
  2. One Application, Any Mobile OS
    UppSite provides full support of a variety of operation systems without the use of internet browsers.  Your website is now instantly native to IOS and Android operation systems!
  3. $$$ Saved
    UppSite sends your application to app stores on your behalf, at no cost to you, saving you tens or even hundreds of $USD for developer accounts in app stores.
  4. Updates Anywhere & Everywhere
    UppSite application site managers do not require a computer and can update blogs/forums quickly and easily from his/her Smartphone.
  5. Real-Time Input
    Users can hold a dialogue with site managers and comment on his/her site via their Smartphones.
  6. First Class Design
    UppSite enables sites that are as unique, innovative and user-friendly as other Smartphone applications.
  7. Full Creative License
    UppSite enables you to change your website design and even add a logo according to your personal preferences and website look and feel.
  8. Variety of Display Options
    UppSite applications offer a wide array of options such as: list of posts and pages, etc.  All options offered to site visitors can be found in the application.
  9. Social Network Sharing
    UppSite enables you to invite all your social-network friends and email correspondents to share information via Facebook, Twitter and email.
  10. Extra Revenues
    UppSite enables application creators to earn extra money via a unique advertising network.
  11. One Username, Many Applications
    UppSite enables you to manage several blogs under different or identical names, via just one UppSite username.
  12. In Touch & In Control – All the Time!
    UppSite enables you to respond to your users from your Smartphone anywhere, at any time and still be recognized as Site Manager.
  13. Plug-in Transparency
    UppSite synchronizes the majority of plug-ins installed on your computer with your application, including plug-ins containing material and clips from YouTube, etc.
  14. No Changes to your Original Site.
    UppSite does not alter your original site in any way and does not require special pages or adaptations of any kind.
  15. Added Exposure
    UppSite makes your website available to the Android Market, increasing readership and target market. 

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