Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Blogger - Dynamic Views

Snapshot template view by Blogger

I have just been looking through the new Dynamic Views options for Blogger.

These look very interesting and I love the development that has been made over the past 6 months with Blogger and the Google platform. As mentioned, I was trying and testing moving my blog and portfolio to another service just 2 months ago, but I decided to stay with Google due to their recent UI overhaul, which personally I love!

It seems that the old templates and restrictions of blogger 'gone by' look to be fading away, and we may be able to usher in a new, more dynamic future for the blogging platform.

I have been playing with the options and although early, and in my opinion not ready to roll out to my main blog, I would be interested to see how it handles my portfolio section, as this is looking pure pants at the moment, and I think the "Magazine" template, with a few modifications would look brilliant as a portfolio style visual display site!

I know that, at the moment the dynamic templates are fairly basic in options and customisations, due to an early roll out, but I do hope that these areplentiful when rolled out, allowing the users to deeply customise how their blog looks and operates, as I feel this is what will add real user adoption to the platform as well as user interaction, this is what I loved about the old Blogger, so this is what I wanna love about the NEW BLOGGER!

All in all, I think that this is looking fantastic! I love the progress and can definitely see me implementing these changes once more functionality has been catered for. I must say, never before have I been quite so happy, having not spent the money on any alternative blogging platforms.

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