Monday, 19 September 2011

Bluetooth, Wireless headphones and Win 7

Ok, so I bought these headphones on Saturday to solve an odd problem I had been having at the office. I have been working with two systems for a while now, using one as a render engine and post pro system and the other as a main modelling system, as well as browsing and trouble shooting unit, but I also have a tablet that services the emails and some music / podcasts / and audio books etc....

So, I did a bit of research into finding a set of headphones that could be quickly accessible from all these systems without having to move wires around! Obviously I ended with a wireless solution with bluetooth adaptors but I had explored other options from wireless (KVM style) docking stations which were connected to all the systems and then to the headphones, I also looked at wired solutions with a central docking unit, but this all felt too permanent and not portable enough.

I know this is a proper "first world" gripe ! but I did thing of other potential real world uses from;  

Computer led teaching classes
allowing the teachers to move between the students and connect into their system quickly.

Wireless DJ heaphones (commerical not enterprise)
allowing the consumer to manage multiple audio signals from a variety of devices, eg iphones, ipads, laptops.....

Anyway, needed or not, this post is to help users achieve this using multiple platforms:

So, I tested the WP-300 Creative headphones this morning on iPad, iPhone, HTC, Desktop (win7), Laptop (vista), and Mac OS 10.whatever!

I wanna to register these headphones with all of these devices so that I can flip between them quickly.

The iPhone, iPad, and HTC worked immediately ! these all have Broadcom bluetooth adaptors with A2DP drivers installed.

The Desktop, and Laptop did not have a bluetooth transmitter built in, so I bought a small Belkin bluetooth adaptor, this did not work! Apparently the A2DP drivers are not compatible with Windows Vista or 7, and there is no easily accessible online solution to this.

I did find a solution for this is the back end of a forum and thought it deserved its own post!
This works with must Bluetooth adaptors as well as most bluetooth enabled headphone units.

"After a couple of hours of agony, searching online for proper drivers for my Motorola HT820 headset, I had to do these in order to pair my headset successfully with my Win 7 RC system
  1. Uninstall Broadcom bluetooth software
  2. Download and install this
  3. Now, add your device, Windows 7 should automatically download various drivers
  4. Go to your bluetooth devices, see and entry for your headset, right click, properties, services tab and make sure headset option is selected
  5. After all these, right click volume icon, playback devices and you should find an entry for the connected bluetooth headset. Set that as default and you're good to go!"

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