Friday, 23 September 2011

Modular Phone hardware by Microsoft

This could be fantastic, A mobile device with interchangeable hardware within the slide out component! Microsoft have just filed a patent for this application.

"Tried of the Keyboard? Why not swap it out for a gamepad, or some extra battery power?" 

Apparently, the devices could be powered independantly too, so you could effectively remote control the main phone with the interchangable internal unit!

You could add this tech to a tablet to house a remote Bluetooth keyboard / gamepad / projector within the tablet interface!

We have seen the integration of extra components in phones before, like the pico projector in the Samsung phone,

as well as slider elements, like the sony ericsson xperia including a gamepad, but will we ever see Microsoft enter the hardware market?

They haven't done in the last 40+ years really but who knows?

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