Wednesday, 14 September 2011

RayFire 1.56 Released

Mir Vadim has annouced today that his RayFire 1.56 Plugin for 3ds Max is now Available for Download:

Check out the new RayFire videos

Feature list:
  • NVidia PhysX Rigid Body support via RayFire user interface.
  • NVidia PhysX Force Influence Allows You to affect on objects in simulation by forces, space warps and mouse cursor. Animatable Time Scale property allows You to create Bullet Time effect in a seconds. Glue allows you to glue objects together and break connections between objects during simulation.
  • Interactive Demolition System.for NVidia PhysX engine. Creates dynamic simulation and demolishes objects accordingly to their material and collision strength. Each fragment can be demolished further with proper amount of collision strength.
  • Different Fragmentation types. Allows you to fragment geometry objects. RayFire Tool supports Irregular, Uniform, Voronoi, Wood splinters, Radial fragmentation types. Ability to draw cuts over your objects by mouse.
  • Automatic update system.
New features in version 1.56:
  • Support for 3ds Max 2012
  • Support for Nvidia PhysX plugin 2.61

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