Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Techcrunch meltdown on Tuesday

So, I know it all dropped yesterday, but since I do read the Techcrunch blog and I blogged when they re-designed their site, I thought I would quickly mention the issues kicking off right now at the Techcrunch offices. Mike Arrington is leaving, or being kicked out to start CrunchFund or.... who knows?

And MG (one of the oldest and most respected Tech blogger at TC) went basically mental yesterday live on the TC blogs, it sounds like there are gonna be some major changes in the TC offices led by AOL and potentially a new leader at the top.

TC is one of the biggest blogs for Start-up and general tech news, I have seen companies made and destroyed by the posts on this site!

This is similar to what happened at Engadget a few months ago, when Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, and Paul Miller left to start up "This is my next" and soon to be "The Verge"

We shall see how things 'fallout' over the next couple of days, but I think things are about to change at the top of TC, will it retain its feel, or are the glory days of posting full legal documents directly on the site over?

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