Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Perks of the Silicon Valley job

So we have all thought of that "Google" job, that position at one of the fastest growing, most high tech position, situated in the centre of the tech kingdom. Or moving out to Pixar or Dreamworks to pursue a career as an animator working on the next cinematic classic, but.......

What are my perks?

Whats in it for me? Except of course the prestige of working in the centre of it all, or the promise of (after three years there) being able to "pretty much" walk into any other job on the planet.

Well, Resume Bear has the answer. It makes for interesting reading, they are all given for a reason, but it must feel pretty good to have all this at your finger tips!

"Hell, I'll have a free haircut while hanging out on the climbing wall in the latest crouching tiger yoga move please!"

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