Thursday, 17 November 2011

FILM - Immortals CG and VFX by Tippett

Nice look into the working process of Tippett here for their work on the new CG "300" esq film Immortals. Not only do I like the way they have produced their effects and the detail they have added to the process, I also admire the "making of" video, I think it has been done in a smooth, fluid way that allows the viewer to see all stages without being dragged from one shot to another. I well thought out reel!

Look at how, instead of playing the same shot over anad over with varying degrees of completion, they play the shot and comp in the CG effect layer by layer showing the refinement as well as the detail in the shot.

The blood and internal detail of these characters is fantastic.

To watch this video go here. 

Here is the official trailer for good measure.

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