Friday, 4 November 2011

Kinect SDK official release 2012

Looks likely we are going to be getting an official release of the Kinect as a bonafide peripheral, therefore hopefully ending the reign of the "Kinect Hacks" vocal indiom, but what are we to call it now?

Kinect effects? Thats what Microsoft says anyway.

Vid after break...

It will be released in 2012, and I can pretty much guarantee we are going to be seeing the resultant "Hacks" or "effects" or whatever in their Microsoft app store, which could yield some nice little profits for the dev's who have to this stage pushed the capability of the Kinect for free on open source hacks.

I have posted on several occasions about some of these fantastic little hacks that dev's have made and, all joking aside will definitely be getting one of these units, if only to play with!

PS...Good video really, thought it really showed an honest and respectful feeling towards user and viewer!

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