Friday, 11 November 2011

TRAILER - Arthur Christmas 2011

I remember posting about the early scenes from this last year, Arther Christmas, release this year, is the tail of "How Santa delivers all the presents in one night?"

This is a production from Aardman and Sony Pictures.

More videos after the break >

What is interesting is the marketing deliverables that have been tied in with this release:

  • Games
  • Aggressive online video takeovers
  • Broadcast advertising (both partnered and solo)

The Partnered stuff with DFS delivers some of the best CG integration they have ever seen, there usual collection for around Christmas of "Sales tags" has been creatively partnered with well integrated and treated CG from the film, this years delivery and partnership should play well for both company and film.

VFX and CG created in colaboration with Sony Pictures by VTR North

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