Thursday, 1 December 2011

PixStop - The free stop motion app

Ever fancied doing a stop motion Short, I know when I was a kid I used to use my Dad's first digi camera to take pics of army men running around the kitchen table.

There's now "an app for that!" and its free! I think with the progression of the quality of camera and capacity given by both iPhone and iPad this could be a fun little app to look at, either to let the kids shoot their first stop motion epic, or couple phone with a good spider rig and shoot your stop motion masterpieces. 

Created by The National Film Board of Canada, the app is clean and simple to use with a classic paper/handwritten style, but I would not say its completely child friendly, with the recommended age range of 10 + the app does command a little thought when using.

Get it for IOS here. 

Not sure whether the Canadian film council will be releasing the app on all mobile platforms yet.

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