Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Raspberry PI PC's go on eBay

I have been following the development of these for a while now, I love the idea of having a device the size of your hand that is a fully capable and functional system (mobile phones and tablets aside), these devices are designed to run the standard desktop OS's we are all familiar with and at a price that will dwarf that of any tablet or mobile device side by side.

I love the "ardunio - esq" functionality of the pieces as they stand at the moment, they have not even thought of the form these units should take, or the box they should come in.

 I like this.....The form follows function mentality brings home the sense that these developers are trying to really change something here. They are not looking for the quick buck, or trying to jump onto a bandwagon as it hurtles down the economic downturn! They are trying to make a change, and push the industry forward, make a change in the desktop market by truly freeing the desktop from the shackles of the £200+ consumer device sat in a corner of the lounge, to something we use in conjunction to our pre-existing consumer devices. We add it to the tech we already use and augment that device's capabilities.

This is going to be big in 2012.

But for now, you can pick up a (pre-release) version here (eBay) and donate to charity at the same time. They are not complete or final, but what a great way to help out the company as well as getting your hands on a great first edition of what will hopefully be a great piece of consumer kit in the near future.

Raspberry PI website

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