Friday, 10 February 2012

TESTING - 3d browser model import

Thought I would have a quick look at this, I have used PDF services in the past to send out model visuals to clients and allow for their sign off, but the service hopes to bring the process back to the browser.

The process is fairly simple, although it did time the browser out twice on upload, but I think this can be easily overcome. It would be nice to see a large progress upload section too when uploading. Once uploaded, there are a couple of format and shading functions available (wireframe, wire on shader, and a green see-through option), it would be nice to add material and dynamic lighting options to this too.

I would also like to see multiple object control and the ability to hotspot these areas, to allow the user to move directly into one section and rotate locally to that.
All in all, its coming on, and I'm sure these additional options are in the off'ing as well as the ability to manage additional file formats; my 2 pence would be:
  • .FBX 
  • .3DS

ITs a bit difficult to navigate, i think a nice popup nav direction on the (iframe) would work.

Until then:
  • left mouse button - rotate 
  • middle mouse button (held in) - zoom 
  • right mouse button - pan

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