Monday, 5 March 2012

Coco-pops dogfight by Platige Image

I saw this the other day on TV, and ordinarily I would'nt give a second look to these sort of adverts, the animation is clean and function, and the quality is always resonably good, but the content. the script and the story are often lacking, and no amount of visual gold and rescue that fact. That is until I saw the latest Coco-pops advert. I don't mean all of it, again the style is good, the animation is good, the story is hmm there.... but the dogfight looked ace! That really perked me up when I saw that section of the ad. The fluid movement from the camera and action focus really drew me in!

Video after Break//

It reminded me of some of the early Red Baron VFX sequences. Fast Paced and action packed!

Or even their own Dogfight short PATHS OF HATE released last Year.

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