Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Guardian - Three Little Pigs

A really interesting piece detailing the now prevalent use of social media and user generated content to influence the news stories themselves.

"Playing on recent uprisings aided by the prevalence of social media (e.g. Arab Spring, Occupy movements), BBH London, Director Ringan Ledwidge & The Mill help The Guardian extend the message of their transmutation from a carbon to digital-based, open-platform, crowd-sourced journal in this smart reinvention of the classic fairy tale" from Motionographer 

 I thought this was a really original and thought provoking piece, I cant tell you the amount of times i have had to generate content to explain to clients how important the socila side of any campaign can be, it seems the Guardian and gone one or too better! With style, originality and professionalism.

Video and making of after break //

Click the image to see the "behind the scenes imagery"

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