Wednesday, 18 April 2012

SHORT -The Tube - OS Film Funded by Kickstarter

Well, I am not the first to see opportunity and potential in Kickstarter. This team is also not the first to generate a headline grabbing Kickstarter project in the past week! But, this is only the second project I have funded. I funded a Watch project last year, because. well... I liked the watch and wanted the honour of owning an original piece, only 400 were made, and I own one. So, it was a selfish purchase driven by my own desire. But... I have just funded this, simply for the fact that I think its a good idea, a good cause directed and produced by solid talent, in open source software - remotely...I mean, honestly, it ticks all the right boxes!

I like how they are giving back to the community too. It is a learning exercise for all contributors. All contributors get access to the RAW files from the production, so that students can take what has been done, and change it, improve on it, learn from it, or just create another story using it! Great Idea!!

I have absolutely no doubt that this will be funded, and if the rest of the story is as good as what has been shown, then I have no doubt that we will be seeing more of this 'Short' around Festival time next year.

Good Luck to all involved! 

If (like me) you fancy helping them reach their goal, use this link here.

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