Wednesday, 13 June 2012

SHORT - Agni's Philosophy FINAL FANTASY

WOW, this is a fantastic REALTIME experiment from Square ENIX studio and Luminous Studio in Japan, shown this year at E3 2012.

This piece was developed as a Tech demo to explore the capabilities of the much anticipated "next gen" consoles to be released next year.

"The LUMINOUS STUDIO game engine aims to bring about greater productivity within game production teams, while simultaneously offering an environment to create games of fantastic quality. Furthermore, the LUMINOUS STUDIO game engine is planned to support game consoles, PC, smartphones, and the web, encapsulating the many platforms of the next generation of quality.

AGNI'S PHILOSOPHY showcases the level of quality that Square Enix is aiming for in next generation games.

About Game Engine

A game engine is a development environment constructed of varied tools and libraries needed for game creation. Many elements are needed for game software creation: graphic technologies and physics calculations, artificial intelligence, motion, and sound technologies. In an engine, these elements are bound together with the intent of improving game development efficiency and quality.

The likes of the PS4 and xbox "720". This piece really shows the quality of the current realtime engines, where will we be by the time these hardware releases are readily available?

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