Friday, 30 November 2012

10 Great Architectural Viz Tutorials

I came across this list in CG arena last week. Worth keeping though - there is a good list of both young and old in the CG community. There is a good collection of modeling, texturing, rendering and lighting tutorials here which deliver a good step by step process to define good industry standard results.

A good way for any young artist to get their feet wet.

Original list posted here.

1. Making of Classic Living Room - Creating a photo realistic interior is always a challenge for an artist but Roger succeeded in that. Read More

living room

2. Poly Modeling in Archviz - This 1 hour long video tutorial covers all small details which need to consider while doing architectural visualization. Read More


3. Making of The Ghost House - It is not a tutorial in the traditional way, since a step by step guide on such project is not possible to describe in a few pages. Read More

ghost house

4. Making of Eames Office - Eames Office is a personal project to study techniques. Thinking about it I decided to create a personal project using only objects of the Eames brothers. Read More

eames office

5. Making of Loft - Artist explained the steps taken to create this realistic interior scene using 3ds max, Vray, Photoshop. Hope you will find these details informative. Read More


6. Making of Mrs. Tulumba Modern House - In this making of artist will explain, how he created this realistic architectural visualization project from scratch in 3ds max. Read More

modern house

7. Making of English Pub - Gathering References and inspirational images is the first thing you always have to do, as that will help to give you an idea on how you want your renders to look. Read More

english pub

8. Making of the Mall - Artist searched the PC and found this nice old work that he did back in 2008, so he decide to do a making of. Read More

the mall

9. Making of "There is Hope" - Warehouse - Artist moved on from Photorealism and liked more of a stylized approach. Artist prefer style to photo-real. Read More


10. Making of Le Patisserie - The inspiration for this Project was a small French restaurant, which I came across while searching the internet. Read More

le patisserie


  1. Thanks for sharing

  2. Looks great ..The process of Architectural Visualization looks into creating a detailed perspective of a project. Advances in computer graphics and digital rendering can now provide an almost mirror-image representation of a building or a house.