Thursday, 6 December 2012

Would'nt it be cool - Nissan by Framestore

This is a beautiful collection of breakdowns uploaded by Tim Borgmann, from his work with Framestore NY in creating these wonderful series of adverts for Nissan.

This fluid and particle effect has a real character and originality (which I'm sure will be repeated to death over the coming year). I love the shear detail in every movement and the lighting and DOF is just fantastic.

I must admit, I had not hear of Tim before seeing this, however I do remember seeing his 2010 reel which had some of his early particle work in it, reminisent of some early R&D of this style.

I think for me, the breakdowns are often vastly more interesting than the actual output to the client, but I think this is one of the rare occasions where I think the breakdowns are more interesting to everyone than the final outputs to Nissan, the breakdowns show this work as what it is, Art.

To watch the Videos, and those fantastic breakdowns click through.

His 2010 Reel, two years old, and still some fantastic fluid and particle works.

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