Wednesday, 5 June 2013

PETA 98% - Behind The Scenes - The Mill

Mill+ has teamed up with BBDO NY and PETA to create an astonishing and groundbreaking new spot "98% Human". "98% Human" is part of PETA's commitment to stop primates being used within the entertainment industries as actors. The Mill+ team, alongside BBDO NY, embarked on an incredibly ambitious journey to create a truly photo-real and completely life-like chimpanzee.

The Mill+ team was lead by animation director Angus Kneale and in this thorough behind the scenes insight they explain some of the complexities and new techniques Mill+ created to bring the photo-real chimpanzee to life.

A really interesting piece, showing extreme dedication to thought and detail.

These are the videos for:

Making of and the final piece:

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