Monday, 29 July 2013

Fortune Elephant Dream

FORTUNE ELEPHANT DREAM is a short animated movie directed by OLIVIER LOURRY and NOIDENTITIES.COM, produced by the studio MACHINE MOLLE


Octave, young businessman, nurtures a clandestine passion for money games that shut him deep into addiction. Finding out that her husband is at the casino and that he is indulging in the pleasure of slot machines, his wife hassles him with reproach over the phone to the point of suffocation. Will Octave manage to win the jackpot despite her repeated calls or will he spend all of his money till the very last coin ? Luck or badluck ? For the compulsive gambler, even under a torrent of invectives, all that counts is the thrill …


Director : Olivier Lourry

Art Direction : Abdou Karimi

Art Direction : Chervin Shafaghi

Art Direction : Olivier Lourry

2D Artist : Frederic Mace

2D Artist : Yue Wu

Layout : Baptiste Sola

Modeling : Martin Coustenoble

VFX : Abdou Karimi

R&D: Antoine Prevot

Animation : Boris Plateau

Animation : Bruno Etchepare

Animation : Camille Brumont

Animation : Coline Veith

Animation : David Timsit

Animation : Fran├žois Malary

Animation : Gabriel Gelade

Animation : Samuel Devynck

Animation : Sophie Diemert

Animation : Vincent Lemaire

Lighting Compositing : Chervin Shafaghi

Lighting Compositing : Hugues Ssosse

Lighting Compositing : Olivier Lourry

Music : Benoit Rault

Mix and Sound Design : Fabien Lacrouts-Cazenave

Voice : Marie Legrain

Title Design : Damien Lecocq

Special Thanks : Etienne Diemert

Special Thanks : Lise Fenouil

Special Thanks : Lundivine Jacquet

Special Thanks : Nairye Apelian

Cast: NOIDentities

Tags: Fortune Elephant Dream, noidentities, machine molle, short and vray

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