Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Awards Shows - The Sponsors Reels

I have really come round to these over the past few years, it seems all too simple to just lay their logos out with 360 spin or some kind of arbitrary flying plane displayed in 2.5D space.

Dont get me wrong, someone has put some time into this, and more often than not it will be due budgetary constraints anyway, its just as a designer/creative/kid!! i like to see something a bit special, something unique, something that makes me want to sit here and watch essentially five minutes of adverts!By no means is this a conclusive list but i have collected together a group of resent design industry awards reels (mainly for the sponsors).

These have been greatly received over the past few years as original, creative mini stories introducing the audience to the event.The apparent collections are often completely devoyte of all guidleines, therefore being allowed to flow beautifully around the story as though effortlessly blended into their environment.

I think i started taking an interest in these back in 2007 with the very well received AICP show opener.


It keeps the audience amused and entertained for over five minutes!, which in turn allows all the sponsors to have their time in the limelight!

This led to a string of beautifully directed and narrated show openers and sponsorship reels.

are a few to look through:

2008 AICP Show Sponsor Reel Sequence

2009 AICP Show Sponsor Reel Sequence

2010 AICP Show Sponsor Reel Sequence

OFFF 2009 Sponsor Titles by Onesize

'BOARDS' AWARDS Reel 2008 by Stardust

'BOARDS' AWARDS Reel 2009 by Topix

More to follow (need to find 'em!)

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