Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Guardian and The Observer “World Cup” from PepperMellon

Brilliant little animation! I loved this from start to finish.

direct link to the animation

Posted by Brandon Lori, at

"As an appetizer to the hotly anticipated World Cup, Argentinean studio, PepperMellon, has jockeyed their way to front-lines and served up a playful treat to whet the appetites of commercial-goers and sport fans alike. With help from Wieden + Kennedy (London) and Stink, the studio has looked to character based animation in a cheerful and carefree advert made to raise awareness for The Guardian and Observer’s involvement in the upcoming sporting event.

Through a kaleidoscope of shots, the spot shows how —no matter where you are— the world can freely enjoy the footballing action of the event. With every changing scene, characters are depicted to be gleefully reacting to a World Cup moment that ripples across all cross-media platforms. The spot has a cute look. Like so many of the PepperMellon’s work, it finds a color palette that’s bright and welcoming, but not too pushy. In testimony to the music, the distinctively British tune is a perky, footballing hym that sings the praises of the event and mirrors the fun-for-sun’s-sake mood of the piece, which will leave you humming the foot-tapping ditty non-stop".

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