Thursday, 3 June 2010

Tablet Options

I have been thinking about getting a tablet for a while now, but have be torn by the Ipad / flash issue. I am natively a PC (windows) user and have all my systems working through that, however when it comes to tablets and achievable OS integrations, i cannot escape the quality, but more importantly capability of the Apple product (IPAD).

You can view various Ipad alternatives and even weight the alternatives up against each other. However as it stands, there currently is only one viable solution.

The Ipad.

 The problem is not the hardware, nor is it the software capability (android, is a good Apple app store alternative - some would say better!) but it's the stability and effectiveness of the OS (or webOS) for all the alternatives.

Here are a few links for alternatives and demos.

Seven alternative for the Ipad

Seven more alternatives for the Ipad

check out the video on the Notion Ink Adam

This is the one i have really had my eye on as a viable alternative to the Ipad.

The HP Slate

This looks fantastic, its specs look great and the potential over apps and HD videos make this my number one choice! It also has USB ports and a dedicated HDMI slot built in. Perfect!!!

Look how it stacks up!

However, all is not rosy with this option, HP have cancelled this and relaunched it so many times we are struggling to keep up!

Initally the Slate was going to have a windows 7 OS running a media center style tablet OS, this would have been great, however due to hardware constraints this has been shelved and they have tried to shift to a WebOS, this is also fine, however this again has been mared in difficulty, leaving the Slate sat on the developers desk wondering if it will ever be released!

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