Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Phoenix Fluid Dynamics - by the ChaosGroup (VRay)

I spoke about this plugin last week, well, I have just installed this Demo here, just testing the capability of this out. I like the idea and the price, but can this really make a valid challenge on FumeFX?
Could Chaos - send it in a different direction?

perhaps a combination of Realflow | PF toolbox | FumeFX
would be the target audience for this plugin, a user friendly, simplified particle generation system?

Either way - i will evaluate this shortly.

read more about it

Company blurb:

"The new grid based simulator for fire, smoke and haze Phoenix Fluid Dynamics is released

The product comes with a number of new features like fast physically based simulation core, background simulation, wind from movement, fluid source form pre-simulated surface, particle based sources, GPU accelerated preview, texture driven simulation, displacement, rendering of textures and many others. Read more from the Phoenix FD product overview made by Torgeir Holm, Creative Director 3D and VFX + Partner/Owner at Netron 2.0 AS and Editor at

This product is available only for the customers from: European Union, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Iceland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia and Switzerland."

One of the developers has released a collection of user tutorials for this plugin:

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