Monday, 11 July 2011

Another AR shopping tool concept (looking better now)

Although I love AR and AR influences I cant hep but think that this platform is nothing more than a fad, a simply but reasonably cheap way of rolling out an AR dressing room, but will people really accept this as an alternative to wearing the clothes? Will this be an interim dressing room for home use? IF so, will all users require a Kniect (well yes they would!).

So as an experiment, i think this has been done well, I prefer this to a couple of other offerings I have seen, and the live cloth deformations looked fantastic!

But, unless as a gimic, we are never gonna see this in any retail environment.

What if the AR was used by sales staff to augment the clothes that the consumer was already looking at, eg. the consumer tries a shirt on and likes it, the sales person could approach the consumer and recommend a skirt to the shopper and show them the skirt within 20 seconds instead of finding sizes and fetching the skirt.

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