Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Techcrunch Re-design

I know it seems rather small in the scheme of things that some website has had the decorators in, however I would say that this is a quite large redesign for one of the most popular Tech community portals. It's like the Facebook redesign (link courtesy of Techcrunch!) for other standard web users, or the now predictable bi-annual shift around that ASDA forces upon me, thus making me have to walk around all the isles again and again attempting to find something, when, only the week before I could have traveled to blindfolded.

I would say, that when it comes to certain things (ASDA included) I dont like change.

I see my ASDA shop as a neccesity, a weekly chore I carry out in order to ensure that I dont starve, and so I do not need this to take longer than absolutely necessary I want to know where all my stuff is, so I can be in and out with the minimium of discomfort.

However, when it comes to major web redesigns - like Facebook, TC, gmail, Hotmail, etc.. I welcome these partial or complete digital shifts. These changes are (if handled correctly) a means to progression, a revitalisation of old working practices in response to new workflows or new technologies. So, these are not just desired, these are imperative to help their buisiness remain current in an ever changing technological market, they will eventually (again I preface this with - if done properly and only time will tell) make me quicker at obtaining the info and hopefully quicker at using it.

To be honest, I only say this for the one person that may actually read it, because as I speak the TC comments pages are literally filling up with narrow minded 'argue monkeys' publicly heranging the redesign and the 7 months full time work of several TC employees as well as AOL, a design studio and probably many more...

These guys, are gonna hate it, no matter what you do, it their natural response to the unknown, a childish proverbial 'toys out of the pram' moment, that makes me think....


When, for all itence and purposes these are our peers, and collegues within the tech community and these people are probably more 'like me' than many other people both at work and at home,


Do I want to embrace this change, help develop this transition, when all these people want to do is smack the ground with a wooden club and whine to the editor of some random probably unrelated article about how crap the site now looks.

I hate the changes in ASDA, they hate the changes in TC......

Could it be because these people are treating the community like a shopping centre, or a 'smash and grab' news bulletin board, a supermarket where everything is laid out ready for them to just come around and take, rather than a place to learn, read and develop? probably....

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