Monday, 10 October 2011

Real Racing - IOS 5

I love the way Real Racing has developed over the past year or so. This is a case of the developers (firemint) using their, already successful brand to reach and retain the largest number of continuous users possible through genuine innovation and experiment.

Real Racing brought us "HD" as soon as the iPhone 4, and iPad came out, they also were the first on the marks to integrate multi-player connectivity, they also have been around the remote viewing stage for a while now (ever since the capability of remote gaming was available between the iPhone and Apple TV), and now it seems they are pushing again with their latest experiment with multi-player remote gaming through an Apple TV and four iPhones, I think this could potentially be a huge gaming market, currently untapped by the "app" generation. For me, this opens the door to the "Wii" style of party gaming were people can physically be in the same room and all play together on multiple devices within the same game.

I certainly have a few ideas to suit this sort of construct!

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