Monday, 10 October 2011

Tesla Model S

This car looks fantastic!

This is a real step forward in automotive and technological development. I know this is an electric car and therefore "environmentally better" and "the future for motoring" but this post is not about those merits in this vehicle.

I love the connectivity. I love the design and thought that has "made it" through to the production stage of development on the interior. This car shows the world what will be, and can be possible now with the current tech we have available. I'm know most automotive designers have added these features into their cars for the past 5 years and, although great in theory they have always been left on the drawing board. never deemed commercially viable enough to make it through to production.

Well I'm glad these have.

A mobile app

As the car is electric the user can start the heater (or aircon) prior to reaching their car, so if you were shopping on a warm summers day and wanted the car to be nice and breezy when you finish, pop the air con on 10 mins before you get out!

3G connectivity

The car has access to a built in 3G connectivity, allowing the user to track the GPS location of the car whenever they want, from the mobile app.

Multi - input entertainment system

With the tablet style control dash being one massive screen this opens the car up to being great for interactivity in its usage, huge 17" google maps, a single audio display for all your audio inputs from iPhone music to digital radio, TV, full web browser, to other driving related controls like fuel (charge) economy, driving stats, and vehicle controls.

This is great that finally and product like this has made it to  market and the public will be able to see the joy of having these new technologies integrated in their vehicles can bring.

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