Friday, 14 October 2011

Whats in a line weight?

I have been working a lot recently in Trophy Design and development for various different sports' federations, these projects are pure form designs, there has obviously had to be some functional consideration given to the designs with regards to manufacture and handling, but all in all these are mainly form based briefs - "make it look pretty!".
So, I have been working in 3D but trying to output a less engineered visual for the clients. Something that shows a less clinical visual at initial stages to the clients, but takes into account the physical capability and viability on the designs, at an early developmental stage.

I have been using various Toon shaders to achieve this in 3D and coupling this with using a script to vary weight based on camera direction and distance from particular objects (shown below from example), 

This mini video by Matt Kohr has been extremely helpful in generating some visual importance and weight distribution to a simple line drawing.

Some good principles at work here, and useful even when you transfer this principle to animation and 3D.

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