Monday, 30 April 2012

TRAILER (ish) - Prometheus, how much do you trust Ridley Scott

Well, I blogged about a Prometheus Trailer the other month, and yes, it looks amazing! I have no doubt it will be brilliant. But, do we really need these pointless run up "featurette's"? They are dull and utterly self promoting, I mean, have a watch, see what you think.

I would rather either, see the trailer again, or see a behind the scenes video showing me some of the new and innovative methods they have used to develop this piece.

Its comedy really!

Here are some of the most insightful quotes:

  • Ridley Scott, "Its all about everything really" - WOW thanks mate, I thought it was about Aliens?
  • "Ridley has been great, breath-taking really."
  • "He just needs you to be as real as possible, and Ridley takes care of the rest"
  • "He is amazing, he is my fantasy Director"
 Well, thank god Ridley is here!

A little bit too much "I love Ridley Scott" for my taste, don't get me wrong, he is good, great in fact. But I don't need a featurette telling me that, especially when I have not seen the film and therefore can not make my own mind up in this instance.

Wait till the film has been released before telling me how great your boss was! Don't worry I'm sure he will cast you in his next blockbuster, just tell me again, how good was Ridley for you?

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